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💥The fifth opinion today: United States v. Rahimi


VernAFish ,
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@GottaLaff it is insane this even went to the Supreme Court.. imagine a political party fighting so hard to arm domestic abusers..

sadele2 ,
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Huge case (Us v Rahimi) in more ways than one: 103 pages

Amy Howe, moderator of SCOTUSBlog wrote "This was a real monster of an opinion, length-wise. I'm now understanding a little better why it took the Court so long to release it."

(she'''ll be writing an analysis of it)

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“they are attacking the ten commandments”
Listen I know this is hard to relate to if you live in a place where everyone isn’t going to the same 8 different Christian churches in a town with a population of less than 80,000 but this is what the little town where my mom grew up in PA was like. Churches are the social fabric— a “different religion” means someone is Catholic or goes to one of the three Black churches.

This commandments in the schools thing is supposed to stirred up an old wound.

Obdurodon ,
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@futurebird @TomSwirly "Popular religious listicle" as a description of the ten commandments was not on my bingo card for today, but I still feel like I won.

cshlan ,
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My parents used to go to one that actually did. Their pastor had other issues as far as I was concerned but the church as a whole did great outreach and provided a thriving community for its members. It had grown up from a much smaller church over the decades they lived nearby.

My experience with other mega churches doesn't live up to that one, though. They focus more on the leadership's message than building community.

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@dansup @pixelfed let me have it!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

tizmic ,

@dansup Looks beautiful! :BlobhajHugFullBody:

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Newly-named Washington Post editor Robert Winnett has decided not to take the job and remain in England amid leadership turmoil at the news organization.

The Post’s CEO and publisher, Will Lewis, announced Winnett’s decision to withdraw in a note to staff on Thursday morning. He will stay as deputy editor of the Telegraph in London.

cherold ,
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@GottaLaff Who will be the next unethical white guy Lewis chooses?

Lundemo ,
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@GottaLaff @ScottSa Canceled my subscription as soon as they hired Lewis. Maybe he’s the one who should go. I’m sure Rupert can find him work. Again.

vampiress ,
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Other than being one of the greatest espionage movies ever made, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) is also an interesting film because I have never seen a city get so thoroughly sledged in a movie than London does there.

By which I mean, I saw that movie in cinemas and decided I never, ever, EVER wanted to visit London, despite being fully aware that it's a cinematic depiction, not a documentary. Nothing has ever looked so drab and soul-sucking than London in that film.

paulnojustpaul ,
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@vampiress Oh that means you soon get to watch Payback (late season 2) for the first time! IMHO probably the best episode of the series.

troldann ,
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@vampiress Just Add Water was shot in my hometown, a tiny little community in rural Southern California. It definitely highlights the worst parts of our town.

Nonilex ,
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could decide cases related to , & more

The will return to the bench starting at 10 a.m. Friday to release its next round of 2024 decisions, with about a dozen major rulings expected over the next week or so. The justices do not say in advance which opinions will be released


Nonilex OP ,
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@LaNaehForaday hopefully someone put him in a time-out.

pjandy ,
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@Nonilex can't wait to see Thomas' well reasoned dissent 🙄

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elisshadoe ,
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@lowqualityfacts S’cuse me, while I kiss the sky and it took me away

Nibor4000 ,
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Was he as good as Rufus Harley though 🤔

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Next stop: SCOTUS

“A federal appeals court Thursday night rejected Steve ’s bid to delay the July 1 start of his criminal contempt-of-Congress prison sentence.”


philip_cardella ,
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@GottaLaff @KimberlyN We'll see. I agree those things were ways of describing him.

Now I wonder if he's any of those things.

The border wall scam is certainly one they would be fine with. Until he got caught.

philip_cardella ,
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randahl ,
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Who wore it better?

(Via Jake Broe)


BackFromTheDud ,
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@randahl Hitler and Mussolini. All I see in the colour image are two fat men looking smug.

engineerably ,
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@randahl fleet buses operated in the UK have in some cases Mercedes or interchangeably Cummins diesel engines

GottaLaff ,
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“Timothy Mellon, a reclusive heir to a Gilded Age fortune, donated $50 million to a super PAC supporting Donald J. the day 👉🏼after the former president was convicted of 34 felonies👈🏼, according to new federal filings, an enormous gift that is among the largest single disclosed contributions ever.”


GottaLaff OP ,
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@tersenurse Bingo.

GottaLaff OP ,
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flexghost ,
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Launchpad Strategies LLC

Incorporated in Delaware in November
Received $3.1 million from the Trump campaign
Will not disclose its dealings or its owners

Why commit crimes in secret when the system is set up to help you pay off judges out in the open legally?


Barbramon1 ,
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@Barbramon1 I mean…

mastodonmigration ,
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Stories about Trump raising more money than Biden last month after he became a convicted criminal are a bit misleading in that one billionaire Timothy Mellon gave Trump $50M. The implication is that Trump received a groundswell of public support related to his felony conviction. While he may be getting some MAGA minion dollars, the reality is he is primarily getting hefty support from the twisted fascist billionaires trying to take over this country.

otownKim ,
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@mastodonmigration Exactly!! MSM is acting like he's better. F them!

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@mastodonmigration :bl70: 👍

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Public libraries do not mess around.

coyoty ,
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@lowqualityfacts The bounty hunters are more effective when alive.

elisshadoe ,
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@lowqualityfacts exception for banned, then you’re dead meat

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Btw, via Gerstein:

HAPPENING NOW: Judge Aileen convenes hearing on 's bid to escape classified docs prosecution with claim that 's special counsel appointment is unconstitutional

GottaLaff OP ,
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@skydog Only if Biden is re-elected

skydog ,
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Then the tools change. The Constitution may enter a coma, but the fight will not.

loren ,
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Burrowing owls sound like a thing someone made up and not just an adorable owl that lives in a hole in the ground

mantis ,
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@loren Due to the Dead Milkmen song "Stuart", I can't hear that sentence without extra pauses

paulohs69 ,
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@loren I love these owls. There are many of them in my city, I'm always taking photos 🧡🦉

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