Zaktor ,

Why? The DOJ has mostly dropped the ball and/or been stymied in doing anything about blatant lawbreaking. The NYAG was the one who actually did something, and they only had jurisdiction on a relatively minor crime. Stealing and lying about classified material and engaging in insurrection aren't the sort of crimes where probation is a feasible outcome. He should be happy Merrick Garland just jerked off for two years and Jack Smith didn't want to impugn the justice system by saying Eileen Cannon wasn't going to be a fair judge.

homesweethomeMrL ,

republiQans who are smart enough to realize the shit pudding they’re being forced to eat (but too dumb or greedy enough not to gtfo) are SO looking forward to four years of abject chaos, idiocy, and a never ending tirade of grievances.

This is just a little taste for them.

Gradually_Adjusting , avatar

When we say "every accusation", we aren't messing around

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