Etterra ,

Promises promises.

Raxiel ,

So... If the school is underwater, the joints will be ruined? 4d chess move right there!

todd_bonzalez ,

I am confused. When I was in school, a third of the faculty smoked. I was surrounded by hundreds of cigarettes all day every day at school.

What do they think is going to happen? The kids will get high by osmosis?

Kolanaki , avatar

Just keep the kids out of the hookah teacher's lounge 🤷🏻‍♂️

PersnickityPenguin ,

This is the same clown that released a Neo-Nazi campaign video right?

Leate_Wonceslace , avatar

And participated in a human trafficking scheme that backfired spectacularly when the people he trafficked were greeted with compassion instead of contempt.

El_guapazo ,

They'll do something once someone builds an AR15 that shoots marijuana joints into people's mouth. Imagine 20 joint extended magazines.

Etterra ,

In a just world they'd have a paradox error and self destruct.

BradleyUffner ,

20 joints? Bad!
20 guns? Go right ahead sir!

pyre ,

well you can't stop people from bringing joints by making it illegal; that way only the bad guys would bring joints. instead everyone should bring joints to school because the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a joint is a good guy with a joint.

01189998819991197253 , avatar

That's enough to share with the class! I mean, if you're going to bring it to school, you have to bring enough to share. Those are the rules of schools.

BigMacHole ,

Pro Life Republicans: Legalizing weed will bring weed into Schools!

chemicalprophet ,

Spicoli and Mr Hand would like a word…

Voroxpete ,

Ron. Ron, my guy. Do you know how much weed costs? Like hell am I bringing enough for the whole damn school, those little fuckers can buy their own.

mechoman444 ,

Well, as long as it's not 19 or 21 then we're good.

cypherpunks , avatar
TheReturnOfPEB ,

Whats great is that elementary school kids can share a joint among like two or three of them so it is really cost effective

CharlesDarwin , avatar


How the court let that language on the ballot, I will never understand. You read the language, it does not do justice.

Yeah, IMAGINE, allowing people to decide, for themselves, if they want actual freedom. I mean, there is just no justice any more.

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