jordanlund Mod , avatar

At 98 I don't plan on being awake every day either!

Shit, I struggle with that NOW! Been sick since Sunday. Lost at least 2 days this week.

TransplantedSconie , avatar

If there ever was a saint, it's this dude. Sucks that Reagan got away with treason to beat him.

Fucking Republicans.

shalafi ,

Carter is the only reason I own my home. Habitat for Humanity.

It's not what many think, a free house for poor people, but I'd strongly suggest anyone interested call their local program. Just ask. If it sounds OK, go to the first meeting to learn about it. Just make the call, it's free and takes minutes. Changed my life forever.

It's the only charity I give money to or volunteer for.

Pavidus ,

Ronald McDonald House is like that for my family. I had no idea how much good that charity did in a time of need, until we needed it.

Bananigans ,

Same. I didn't technically qualify at the time, but I had a kid hospitalized when I was about 4000 miles from home with no car, no phone, and no immediate contacts. They hooked me up with a room outside the hospital and just asked for a donation if I wanted and to keep it tidy.

TexasDrunk ,

I love building for Habitat. I've met so many genuinely good people there and have seen so many people pouring sweat equity into what will be their home or the home of another person getting a home. It's the best I've ever felt doing hard work.

rand_alpha19 ,

I'd love to, but you need at least 1 kid to qualify. My wife and I can't afford a kid and also don't want one. But it's nice that the option is available for some, I guess.


I spent two years working with Habitat as an AmeriCorps crew lead and it was such a rewarding experience. I learned all kinds of trade skills and got to meet so many good people from all walks of life. It gave me the direction I was looking for in my life when I needed it most.

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cdf12345 ,

“I told him, I said: ‘Pawpaw, you know, when people ask me how you’re doing I say, ‘Honestly, I don’t know,’” Jason Carter said. “And he kind of smiled, and he said, ‘I don’t know, myself.’”
“It was pretty sweet,” he added.

sarcasticsunrise , avatar

Aww damnit Jimmy.. would that all who took the Oath of Office had your kind soul

muse , avatar

Jimmy Carter enters torpor, ready to outlive the current political generation and emerge in a folksier era.

WeirdGoesPro , avatar

One of the greats.

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