TheUncannyObserver ,

Anyone who criticizes Democrats wants Trump to win, and Trump hates Jews, so anyone who doesn’t vote for Democrats is a traitorous Nazi.


VinesNFluff , avatar

It's almost like having your only strategy be "we are slightly better than the alternative" leads to the alternative racing you to the bottom and you being shit as well.

TheUncannyObserver ,

But Biden has continued the democrats tradition of minor incremental changes that don’t keep up with our civil rights being taken away! How can you ignore that? You’re obviously a nazi communist who wants America to die.

Banzai51 , avatar

Republicans can be dismissive, hold the left in contempt, threaten to murder us, but hey Hillary looks like an intellectual that won't put up with stupid people, this is a Democrat problem. Fucking "journalism."

swayevenly ,

What are you trying to say?

AlwaysNowNeverNotMe , avatar

It seems like he's trying to say fuck you if you don't drink the blood of children you're a goddamn idiot. Don't you know that shitty rathole in the desert that constantly funds our domestic enemies is where we launch our planes from in our unending quest for oil?

TheUncannyObserver ,

Are you having a stroke?

blindsight ,

I mean... That's literally why the Democrats lost in 2016 and why they're likely to lose in 2024. The Democrats can't even compete against a would-be fascist dictator. That's how out of touch they are.

Juno ,

I don't get comments like this. Ignoring how democrats won the senate and half of the house not to mention the 2020 election for president.

We're on a winning streak and when is that "red wave" coming again? Don't hold your breath. We kicked republican ass in 2018, 2020, and 2022 respectively. Every election Republicans lose more seats since Donald Trump. Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in 2020 and soo now Trump will win because??? 🏆 here you go, you tried.

blindsight ,

I sincerely hope you're right, but Biden is polling a lot lower now than he was in 2020, and it was a shockingly close race.

Regardless, it shouldn't be this close. Democrats need to shift to capture Gen Z and Millennial voters. Alienating young voters will be what loses them the next election, if they lose, and it's causing increasingly bigger problems for them as Gen Z ages into voting and Millennials aren't shifting right as they age. Democrats need to pivot to get young voters politically engaged.

Or, at least, that's my take as a non-American watching this trainwreck happen.

Juno ,

Republicans talk a lot of shit. That's all they're good at, however they're good at it. Especially with their followers.

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