eveninghere ,

This post shows why I prefer fediverse over Reddit. On Reddit this post would be flooded with rants going like"people who don't vote Biden over antisemitic protests are the problem!!!"

t3rmit3 ,

Nothing bizarre about that, right wing chuds have had those "if you don't love America, LEAVE", and, "if this flag offends you, I'll help you pack" shirts and bumper stickers for ages.

Just the usual "obedience as patriotism" shtick that bootlickers do.

pbjamm ,
@pbjamm@beehaw.org avatar

As someone who did choose to leave the USA, it is not as easy as they make it out to be. I honestly would probably have given up on the idea if I did not have dual citizenship. It is expensive and difficult.

HumanPenguin ,
@HumanPenguin@feddit.uk avatar

Yep lots of the right wing in the world. Assume they are the only nation with immigration restrictions.

It seems to be a natural assumption from the its us against the world attitude.

HumanPenguin ,
@HumanPenguin@feddit.uk avatar

The big difference here. Someone who has held the highest position in the US. Still believes he has no legal limits when it comes to his actions on US citizens.

And is attempting to get voted in on promises based on that idea.

"If the president dose it. Its not illegal"

eveninghere ,

Yes. If that looks bizarre, they've forgotten his Presidency.

jeff_bonner ,
@jeff_bonner@universeodon.com avatar

@mozz Good thing for him that nationalist bigotry doesn't have to make sense.

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Much like the college administrators who called the cops on student protesters, Donald Trump‘s solution to quash any political uprising appears to be using the force of the state.

Trump also alleged the campus protesters are being funded by President Joe Biden’s political donors, echoing a Politico story that Rolling Stone debunked.

He has previously compared the campus protesters at Columbia University to the Jan. 6 insurrectionists, although he distinguishes the former as destructive and damaging and the latter group as “unbelievable patriots.”

Trump had been discussing Biden’s “open border,” alleging that criminals and “people from insane asylums and mental institutions” were coming into the U.S., a popular topic in his rally speeches.

The moment is not the first time Trump has mentioned Lecter during a campaign stop, having referenced him in an apparent mix-up with the actor who portrayed the character, Anthony Hopkins, during a speech in Iowa last October.

The rally comes after the fourth week of Trump’s hush money trial, where the former president is charged on suspicion of 34 counts of falsifying business records stemming from payments made to former porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

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