weeeeum ,

Lol I thought the bottom right flag said fat cunt

Sidyctism2 ,

Im guessing all of these (or at least top left and bottom right) are from the spanish civil war. CNT/FAI were anarchist organisations that fought (and lost) against the fascist franquists.

Diplomjodler3 ,

Those photos were all taken this week at the front, I take it?

PugJesus OP ,
@PugJesus@lemmy.world avatar

There's too much love in the craftsmanship for this to be the work of mobiki.

Diplomjodler3 ,

Of course. I thought they took those out of museums.

hoch ,

And not enough cope cage

nuke Mod ,
@nuke@sh.itjust.works avatar

Bottom left looks fkn baller

ZILtoid1991 ,

Would look sick in a Twisted Metal type game.

toynbee ,

They all look awesome.

halykthered ,
@halykthered@lemmy.ml avatar

Straight out of the Batman animated series.

YungOnions ,
@YungOnions@sh.itjust.works avatar

My thoughts as well, although it's the only one that's a model, not a photo, so who knows if it actually existed?

PugJesus OP ,
@PugJesus@lemmy.world avatar
YungOnions ,
@YungOnions@sh.itjust.works avatar

Oh hell yeah...

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