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MINISFORUM releases UM790 XTX mini-PC with overclocked AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS APU and OCuLink eGPU support ( )

The 70W TDP boost is a decent improvement from the UM790 Pro's 35W. It is also expected that the XTX version won't have any of the fan issues that plagued the Pro version, if the 780 XTX is any indicator.

Chinese Mini PC offers external PCIe slot - and an interesting inverted U form factor ( )

Chinese PC manufacturer CWWK has released an interesting Mini PC design that mainly seems to be composed of an elevated heatsink and a sideways, open PCIe x8 slot. The CWWK Mini PC, spotted by Liliputing, is dubbed the "Magic PC" by its maker and has garnered attention for its unique design....

Minisforum UM780 XTX - Ordering Dramas, Network Errors and BIOS Update Woes

A couple of months ago, I came across the Minisforum UM780 XTX. People were raving about it at r/MiniPCs and r/Homelab - finally, we have a mini PC with a Zen4 CPU, decent graphics and compute performance, a good TDP window, excellent IOMMU grouping for virtualization, and future expansion capabilities (+Oculink!), which makes...

Asus ROG NUC is a compact gaming desktop with up to Intel Core Ultra 9 and NVIDIA RTX 4070 - Liliputing ( )

Asus makes gaming PCs. And Asus makes mini PCs. And now that the company has largely taken over Intel’s NUC line of compact computers, it’s bringing those two things together with the launch of the first ROG NUC compact gaming desktop....

Introducing MiniPCs - A Community for Compact Computing Enthusiasts

Welcome to MiniPCs a community focused on small form factor computing. Here, we aim to provide a supportive network for everyone interested in mini PCs - whether you're building your first system, seeking to upgrade your existing setup, or simply fascinated by compact technology....

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