PyroNeurosis ,

Does this mean people can now count as sone firm of 3d printing extruder?

jmbmkn ,

New gender just dropped?
Female: x
Male: x
Other: 3D printer extruder ✔️

MargotRobbie , avatar

It is as Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park: "Life finds a way, that way is plastic, and it's not fantastic."

iAvicenna , avatar

Well helloooo GOLIATH!

circuitfarmer , avatar

I'll never watch porn the same way again.

ThatWeirdGuy1001 , avatar

I mean most top porn stars are already filled with plastic.

Now they can be covered in it too!

cosmicrookie , avatar

So... now we need to stop jerking off because this polutes the environment too! ?!

Starkstruck ,

god we're so cooked

Nastybutler ,

New shitty pickup line now available: "Hey baby, how about I inject some micro plastics into you"

rando895 ,

We just need to recycle more

cultsuperstar ,

They found it women's placenta as well. We're fucked as a species.

hemko ,

Misread "tested" as "tasted" at first

jballs , avatar
Thcdenton ,
mortemtyrannis ,

Aerate it.

werefreeatlast ,

They are still testing? I gotta send my samples!

grrgyle , avatar

This doesn't make me feel good about anything

shasta ,

That's fine because this isn't /c/feelsgood

thenextguy ,

Are we going to breed frakking cylons now?

ikidd , avatar

I've seen some pretty attractive toasters.

Nougat ,

"You got microplastics in my semen!"

"You got semen in my microplastics!"

  • Reese's SemenPlastic Cups
MeekerThanBeaker ,

Well, I'm doing my part to get rid of it all.

Guess I'll keep trying until there's another solution.

Nikki , avatar

i have a solution but im not sure youre gonna like it

Opisek ,

Try me

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