dogsnest , avatar

This butch example actually begs the question.

SlopppyEngineer ,

Butchers were either very good with sharp edges or strong enough to overcome any resistance and had a lot more protein in their food then the general population. Messing with them was a bad idea. /bad_history

Psych ,


Zehzin , avatar

It's actually named after Butcher Pete, who was known for chopping all the women's meat

Snowpix , avatar

Makes sense. It is a long, sharp knife. You could just start choppin', and don't know when to stop.


I feel like if they were butcher, they would only work with fish.

BreadOven ,

I hear he's hackin'.

Draegur ,

see, owning a knife and using it at the shop makes a shop owner butch, and thereby makes it a butcher knife.

so if it's a paint shop and the owner paints with the knife, it's a butcher at a butcher shop with a butcher knife.

federalreverse ,

Missed opportunity to discuss the superlative, butchest knife.

Also, butt-chest? That must be one long-ass knife.

Lemminary ,

Oh god, not the long ass-knife. Anything butt that!

Nougat ,

Poop knife

samus12345 , avatar

I guess the butchest knife would be one wielded or made by a goat, since that's the origin of the "butch" in "butcher".

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