Bananigans ,

I'm going to report this guide to the department of redundancy department.

corsicanguppy ,

Cool Guide on rhythm guide

Or, "Cool Rhythm Guide" if it were English.

cabron_offsets ,

Isn’t it a lot simpler to just learn to read the notes?

PahassaPaikassa ,


But its waaay funnier to yell at the drummer to "play the tater tots fill here!" or "start it with the pepperoni pizza beat!"

Zagorath , avatar

Cheese and ravioli is probably the worst one here. It should be quaver, two semiquavers, and then either two more quavers, or a semiquaver and a dotted quaver.

The tater tots one is also half the speed it should be, assuming the same tempo as the others. Should be two semiquavers and a quaver, repeated twice, instead of two quavers and a crotchet.

ElJefe ,

Well, sure. But it’s just an approximation and a reference guide for those who don’t know how to read notated rhythm, as well as a bit of humour.

That said, it is good to point out that it is only an approximation.

reattach ,

Instructions unclear; I read to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire."

Shawdow194 , avatar

I really like "tater tot casserole"

ouRKaoS ,

It's got some swing to it

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