Thann , avatar

Its a Zambian emerald mine BTW

Donkter ,

I think they just mean "a mine in the south of Africa" which is confusing because they decided to name a country South Africa too.

CloutAtlas ,

His grandfather was also a very successful chiropractor in Canada, owning a 20 room house and a private plane from damaging people's spines for a living and helped popularize the pseudoscience of Chiropractics in Canada.

It's just grifters all the way down. If you told me his ancestors went town to town selling "cure all elixirs" that's just ground up horse hooves, sawdust suspended in cider vinegar, I wouldn't be surprised.

glimse ,

Running low on pictures from the protestation folder I guess

ArmoredThirteen ,

Pretty sure Muskrat thinks his brain is way bigger than galaxy sized

umbrella , avatar

his ego definetly is

xantoxis ,

Sure but why the fuck would Elon's dad be a chad

Stern , avatar

Guessing homey either doesn't know about Elon's dad being kind of a piece of shit too, or was just meme'ing and didn't expect anyone to think about it that hard.

xantoxis ,

I mean, the dude made all the South African emerald money that Elon relied on to stay rich, so I don't see how anyone could think he was a good guy. So it's probably the second thing.

cor ,

why are chad’s this hypermasculine fuck when it could be anything else representing a positive male?

velox_vulnus , avatar

Cuz incest wincest...

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