What would you do with your time if you didn't have to work to meet your food, housing, and healthcare needs?

Re-creating this thread a different server.

edit: "not work" as in "food, housing, and healthcare needs are met," not as in "billionaire super-villain money"

I would sail sail the great lakes for weeks at a time.

I would write more music, and hire musicians to play it with me.

I would spend half the summer growing food (which I already do!)

I would continue to invest in my own mental health, but spend more time meditating.

I have chronic fatigue (to simplify a longer story), and spending that precious energy solving logic puzzles for a paycheck is sometimes pretty demoralizing.

Tehdastehdas ,
@Tehdastehdas@lemmy.world avatar

Upskill to improve the world significantly.


vairse ,

I would put all my focus in making my games finally, instead of just some evenings

Laurentide ,
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First, I would move into my own place so I don't have to deal with the constant stress of conforming to the expectations of my bigoted family members. Then, for a while, I would probably do nothing. I'm burnt out and have a lifetime of shit to process and heal from. I need time to pick up all the parts of myself that the world has forced me to throw away.

Eventually, when I've gotten a little better, I'll probably start wanting to accomplish things again. Nothing so ambitious as the dreams I used to have, but they were probably unrealistic anyway. And with my basic needs covered, I would be free to do what I find important and fulfilling instead of spending all my time making line go up for some asshole billionaire.

I've always wanted to write stories. I used to draw and paint, a long time ago before the depression got really bad. I'm starting to learn 3D modeling and gamedev, and it would be nice to do that just because I want to, not because I'm unable to work a regular job and am flailing for a way to pay the bills.

Maybe I would just organize get-togethers with my friends where we play tabletop games and eat food I cooked for them using produce from a little garden I made.

There's no shortage of things to do if I'm free to pursue them.

GamingChairModel ,

Even if my needs were met I'd still spend a lot of my time achieving wants. Not just stuff I can buy or pay for, but things that bring me satisfaction and contentment. So I'd probably still have a job, just with a little flexibility towards prioritizing job satisfaction over pure pay.

gerryflap ,
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I'd like to think that I'd spend the work time on my hobbies. But realistically I'd spend most of the day watching YouTube videos and reading Lemmy because "I have to go to the store later so I can't start something big now". I'd definitely spend more time on my own programming projects, music production, running (or maybe other sports), and gaming though.

Drummyralf ,

I'd probably cut down my current job to about 1 day a week (because I still love my job).

I'd Spend the rest of the time making all kinds of weird abstract artpieces that nobody would understand.

PhlubbaDubba ,

Learn dairy alternative recipes for my favorite foods so I can share them with my GF (she's allergic)

BodePlotHole ,

I'd build puppets and make videos. Just for fun.

Kolanaki ,
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

The same things I do now for fun, but more often and without the stress.

tiredofsametab ,

Work for my retirement because you forgot that :P

I would travel a bit and concentrate more on farming. I do enjoy my software engineering job and was writing code as a hobby long before it paid the bills so I'd want to keep up something like that.

stoy ,

If I was free to do anything legal with enough money to maintain my current middle class lifestyle, then I would spend a lot of my time visiting cool places and photgraphing them.

I am no millionaire, not even in SEK, but make a good living, if I could keep my current pay and just do whatever, I would be travelling throughout Sweden and the rest of Europe looking for cool places, like abandoned industries, old/abandoned military infrastructure, old/abandoned civil infrastructure, cool modern places with infrastructure.

I'd probably save up to get a smaller crossover SUV, I love my 2021 Seat Leon, but it isn't brilliant at going over overgrown tracks.

weeeeum ,

I would do more woodwork and get some actual projects done. I would also spend more time cooking and practicing.

I would volunteer more, things like soup kitchens and furniture restorations for the less fortunate. I would also (hope to) kick my gaming habit since I would have the energy to do something more physically intensive .

antlion ,
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I would be an inventor. I would be an explorer. I would be a teacher. I would be an artist. I would be a musician. I would be an entertainer. I would be a builder.

SharkEatingBreakfast ,
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I'd sew stuffed animals donate them to hospitals. I would also put on scavenger hunts for kids to find them around town! It'd be a good activity for kids to do with their siblings, parents, friends, etc.

I would open up a bearded dragon rescue again and possibly turn it into a sanctuary!

I'd learn how to use saws and do woodworking to create fun & interesting furniture! I can already do upholstery, but I'd love to make something from the ground up.

I'd apply for a wildlife rehab permit & help animals.

I'd learn how to code games and put my rusty Blender skills to work!

Gosh.. there's honestly so much I'd like to do.. but I am poor, uninsured, and living paycheck-to-paycheck, so I don't have the time or money to do any of it.

It's nice to think about, though.

Crumbgrabber ,

There are a large number of crumbs that need to be gathered.

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