GamingChairModel ,

I made an alt on each of the big instances, because I wasn't sure which one I wanted to use long term. Then I just kinda stuck with them, each following slightly different topics, and therefore having different opportunities to participate in discussions.

SuzyQ , avatar

I have an account on,, and They are all linked on my respective profiles. I mainly use this one because .world had some issues where I couldn't view comments on the connect android app about a year ago so I just switched. I like the app interface because it reminds me of rifgp, so that's why I've never given kbin a fair shake.

Flaky , avatar

I try to just keep one. I used to be on but the instance seems to have been taken over and unmaintained? So I joined and it feels comfy.

waterbogan ,

I can barely manage just the one. I dont know how people can juggle multiple accounts. I would get so confused

thorbot ,

None, why would I?

sag , avatar

6 don't ask why.

Kolanaki , avatar

I started with just one on Lemmy.World, but then like a month after the Appocalypse when the server was being hammered and someone pointed out it could be lessened by simply using other instances, I made two more. This one on which became my main, and one on "shit just works," just in case.

I sometimes get on the Lemmy.World one for mod reasons, but I haven't actually ever used the shit just works one.

xfts , avatar

One, technically. I never really use it, though.

schwim , avatar

No alts, just some orphaned accounts from moving to new instances.

aStonedSanta ,
  1. This and I had one on lemmynsfw but don’t recall the username 😆
spiderman , avatar

guess you were really stoned when you created that account

gandalf_der_12te , avatar

three, on three different instances. It's called redundancy.

waz ,

It's also called redundancy.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

1 rn at for estonian

merari42 , avatar

I had an account on before it broke down but switched for good and wasn't active there for months

Dju ,

Do they have any plans to fix it?

spittingimage , avatar

Ha, you think one account can contain all this awesome?! 😃

It can. I don't have any alts.

grrgyle , avatar

3 that I remember: work computer, personal computer, and phone

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