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When is a papaya ready to eat?

It's the "star" variety, will it turn entirely yellow?


CaptainBlagbird , avatar

See my reply to OP for your punchline ;)

Rhynoplaz ,

You da MVP today!

dch82 , avatar

@asklemmy Tips on using mastodon?

I just moved from my old Lemmy account (@dch82) to a Mastodon account.

Any tips?

dch82 OP , avatar

@JayTreeman @asklemmy @dch82 @Zak @user224 @originalucifer It’s a two-by-two matrix of technological deadness and social deadness

dch82 ,

Hey guys I’m back!

MentalOutlaw , French avatar

Why am I here?


Presi300 , avatar

Taking a short break from farm I suppose

HobbitFoot ,

You make the wrong turn at the third webring.

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@asklemmy can i post from Mastodon to Lemmy ?

bionicjoey ,

It doesn't really work the other direction. Mastodon users can post and comment on Lemmy communities by @ ing the community. There isn't a way for Lemmy users to browse hashtags or users from Mastodon. Even if you click on the user profile for a mastodon user from Lemmy, it'll only show you the stuff they've posted and commented on Lemmy instances, not the full activity of the account.

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Locking as this post violates rule 5.

InternetIsScary , avatar

What is something you can’t live without, technology wise that saves you time?

I have to say it’s my virtual assistant I’ve made. It saves me a lot of time with making reminders and such alarms for meetings or interviews, music etc.


_tezz ,

I try my best, haha. Hope the app works out for you!

lord_ryvan ,

Indoor plumbing wins all of them for me, for one my washing machine wouldn't be worth it without, and for another it'd be hard to access clean water to rinse wounds and drink medicine.

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Reddit is broken right now

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@asklemmy How could users Monitise themselves on the Fediverse?

As people possibly move across to the Fediverse to find alternatives, we have to question how people are going to make a living on this amazing platform.

Can it be fully run by donations or is there a better way for people to be paid across the Fediverse?

samxavia OP , avatar

You compared it to something that made new jobs with elections.

You may not need to work, but plenty of people do, and not everyone can work a normal 9-5 like everyone else due to disabilies, skills or other needs.

Cowbee , avatar

I compared it to antiquated methods. The Fediverse does not require jobs, nor profit, it exists in FOSS format and as such should allow donations, not direct monetization.

I need to work, and I do. Lemmy and the Fediverse will not be the death of all other social media, at least not in a time frame where people can no longer adapt to their changing material conditions.

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