Zomg ,

They forgot I'm Him

notheotherguy95 ,

This Smith and Wesson got me moving like an invasive species

urda ,
@urda@lebowski.social avatar

OPS wanted some initiative.

Blew up their entire quadrant.

tourist ,
@tourist@lemmy.world avatar


interrobang ,

Ball so hard they call me nutsack

BluJay320 ,
@BluJay320@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Walked the sand dunes of the Sahara desert for fourty days and fourty nights, with nothin’ but a fifth of henny and a pack of newports

doubtingtammy ,

This shit ain't nothin to me, man

Toneswirly ,

"Choked out an Op with Givenchy gloves. The last thing he saw was the price tag on them, slowly faded in to darkness and I let the archangels take him."
This line lives rent free in my head.

BarrelAgedBoredom ,

I was flipping bricks for mansa musa before y'all became a type 1 civilization

AGD4 ,

I don't get it. But have an upvote!

Sneptaur , (edited )
@Sneptaur@pawb.social avatar

You should look up “Dracula flow” on YouTube

Or click this link: https://youtu.be/1Onr4z2fdDM

Numenor ,

Link it

Sneptaur ,
@Sneptaur@pawb.social avatar

Edited comment with the link :-)

FoxyGrandpa ,

OK but link it

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