AVincentInSpace ,

it's not my fault that pokemon are more interesting than random famous people

lobut ,

PointCrow is awesome. Loved watching him with LilKirbs, Cosmic, and EazySpeezy when they were together doing speed run vids together.

breakcore ,

Creepiest smile any %

Viking_Hippie ,

Yeah, this is the first time I've ever seen a half hearted thumbs up make someone look LESS creepy! Simply by drawing some of the attention away 😂

HelloHotel ,
@HelloHotel@lemmy.world avatar

It looks like he posed for a stock photo and then photoshopped a thumbs up into the first one

Iheartcheese ,
@Iheartcheese@lemmy.world avatar

Dude said Gardevoir first. You can smell it on him.

Gormadt ,
@Gormadt@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Shit I don't think I could name 100 people

Especially if the people I have to name are celebrities

Hotzilla ,

Many of those names in the thumbnail are pornstars

Siethron ,

Wait, porn names count? I'm good then.

zero_spelled_with_an_ecks ,

On both, even!

Squorlple ,
@Squorlple@lemmy.world avatar

Bro could have just said 1. Bulbasaur (♀), 2. Venusaur (♀), etc.

dalekcaan ,

Honestly he could've just sung the PokéRap and he'd be golden

CluckN ,

11 minutes for 100 Pokémon seems a bit long for someone who is a diehard Nintendo fan.

Godnroc ,

That's a little less than seven seconds each. Way too long!

CluckN ,

One streamer was able to name 100 women in 7 minutes and that’s including first/last name.

yetAnotherUser ,

Damn, what a diehard women fan

WeLoveCastingSpellz ,

me fr

AVincentInSpace ,

i refuse to believe he did not prep for that stream

ShinkanTrain ,

Isn't there a thing where Youtubers have to pad videos out to just over 10 minutes for ad revenue reasons? Naming probably starts 8 minutes in

JPAKx4 ,

It's 8 minutes now, and it's for mid roll ads

SaltyIceteaMaker ,

Based. Also same probably

funkless_eck ,

name a woman

ImplyingImplications ,

Jackie Chan

SaltyIceteaMaker ,

Uhhh doja cat?

thesporkeffect ,

Whitney Houston

FoolHen ,
lessthanluigi ,

Ur mom

funkless_eck ,

You'll be pleased to hear she made a a tidy profit on the yard sale she did on cleaning out the attic. It would've been more but they got rained off.

lessthanluigi ,


indianboy42 ,

Obama's wife

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